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The easiest way to re-waterproof your bell tent

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Update time : 2020-11-10 17:24:01
The easiest way to re-waterproof your bell tent:
Pitch your tent and make sure the tent is 100% dry.Remove dust and dirty with a hard brush.Use Bradproof waterproofing agent. 1 litre approximately covers 6m square.Apply the waterproofing agent with a paint roller. The cotton needs to be soaked properly.Let your tent dry in the wind, preferably not in the sun.

If the cotton canvas of your bell tent has been affected by mould, mildew or weather conditions, do as follows:
Moisten the cotton.Dissolve 1 unit of bleaching liquid into 10 units of water.Apply the solution to the wet canvas and let the canvas absorb it for about 30 minutes. Prolong the absorption time if necessary.Rinse the canvas with plenty of water.
Clean the canvas using Ultramar Shampoo, so there is no bleaching liquid left on the canvas.Let your tent dry properly.
Use Bradproof to protect the cotton against fungi, algae, filthy water, etc. A perfect waterproofing agent to make cotton tents waterproof is BRADPROOF. It is an environment-friendly product, non-toxic and biologically degradable. Tent rental places and army tents have used it with excellent result since 1943. The product is water based, without solvents or hydrocarbons. The usage varies between approximately 8 m² and 12 m² a litre. It is possible for a gray shine to appear on dark-coloured cotton after treatment; after a few downpours, however, this will disappear.  Some companies industrially impregnate cotton in case you don’t want to do it yourself. The cotton is first cleaned and then impregnated under high pressure. This, however, is quite expensive.


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