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What Are The Benefits Of a Canvas Bell Tent?

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Update time : 2021-05-12 11:29:06
What Are The Benefits Of a Canvas Bell Tent?
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1) Full of fresh air
Even polyester-cotton blend canvas is much more breathable than pure polyester or nylon. This means that there is almost no condensation inside the tent, and there will be no damp and musty smell you often get in synthetic tents. Living in a canvas tent is a more natural experience-we prefer to smell fresh grass when we wake up, rather than a mixture of thermoplastic and our own musk!
2) Bang in the "Goldilocks zone"
Because cotton is a better insulator, the canvas bell tent is warmer when the temperature drops and stays comfortable and cool during the day instead of turning into a human oven every time the sun comes out. This will not only ensure you sleep better at night, but also turn the tent into a place where you really want to stay cool and shady in summer, warm and comfortable at other times.
3) Better UV resistance
If used properly, a canvas bell tent can last much longer than a tent that uses more modern materials. This is partly because the canvas is more resistant to ultraviolet rays than pure polyester or nylon, and will deteriorate when exposed to the sun for a long time. For backpacking tents that are set up at night and packed in the morning, this is not a big problem. But if you are looking for a large camp tent that can be set up for several days at a time, this is definitely a consideration.
4) Tents that are built to last
A cotton tent has a longer service life due to its anti-ultraviolet properties. However, densely woven, the strong canvas is also more likely to withstand your usual camping sharps and debris, while polyester cotton has the added benefit of improving tear resistance.
Because bell tent manufacturers usually prioritize durability overweight, bell tents tend to use more wear-resistant materials and more durable structures.
5) Robust structure
The circular canvas shelter has been used for hundreds of years, partly because of the inherent stability of its structure. The bell tent is very stable in strong winds and can withstand the extra snow weight. Another benefit of the heavier weight of this material is that when the wind picks up, you won't hear any annoying flapping sounds.
6) Have a lot of living space
The central pillar of the bell tent is very high and wide in diameter, providing a lot of living space for people. Because of their low walls, almost all tents are usable space, providing a lot of space for activities without worrying about hitting the canvas and breaking its surface tension.
When you plan to spend a lot of time wandering around the camp (or if you are forced to endure bad weather), a bell tent is the best choice.
7) More sustainable options
It is undeniable that natural materials are more expensive than man-made materials. However, when you consider the longer service life of the canvas tent, it is not very large in terms of the cost per night. The service life of a canvas tent is 4 times that of a polyester or nylon tent. If you take care of it properly, a canvas bell tent can last you for several years.
In addition, because the canvas does not deteriorate quickly under ultraviolet light if you, unfortunately, damage your tent fabric, it is easy and cost-effective to repair.
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